Zhonghong (Tangshan) Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Based in Tianjin, China, Zhonghong (Tangshan) Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacture of scaffolding. We are specializing in export scaffolding and scaffolding accessories, including door scaffolding, disc scaffolding, aluminum scaffolding, pull rod, steel shoring, aluminum shoring, iron pedal, all-aluminum pedal, aluminum wooden pedal, and scaffolding accessories. Our products are mainly exported to Europe(France, Spain, Italy, England), the US and Mexico, and are unanimously recognized by all our customers. 

Zhonghong’s history is built on safety, productivity, and efficiency, delivering an integrated and reliable process that ensures quality assurance is being delivered at every step of the project. 

We have a reputation for being one of the safest, most knowledgeable and most reliable companies in the scaffolding industry. We offer competitive pricing and carry only the highest quality products. We do what we say and we work with integrity. If you have any need, feel free to contact us and our experienced team are available to answer any product queries that you may have.