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Scaffolding Wholesale

Zhonghong (Tangshan) Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. has the best quality frame scaffolding, scaffold , pipe clamp scaffolding, castors, heavy duty column supports, building supports and system equipment. Offering you the best quality products at our low wholesale prices, safe erection of scaffolding should be the number one goal on the job site. Our scaffolding is designed with safety in mind. We specialise in selling frame scaffolding and accessories, uninterrupted scaffolding and masonry equipment. We sell high quality scaffolding products at wholesale prices, offering 6,8, or 10 ft lengths, or customised lengths of scaffolding at the best wholesale prices.

What is Scaffolding

Scaffold refers to a variety of supports erected on a construction site for workers to operate and solve vertical and horizontal transportation. A common term in the construction industry, it is used on construction sites for external walls, internal decoration or where high storeys cannot be directly constructed. It is mainly used for construction workers to work up and down or for safety netting around the perimeter and for the installation of components at height.

Features & Advantages

1) Standardised geometry of portal steel tube scaffolding, also customisable.

2) Reasonable structure, good load-bearing properties, full use of steel strength, high load-bearing capacity.

3) Easy to install and dismantle, high erection efficiency, labour and time saving, safe and reliable, economical and applicable.


According to the location of erection, it is divided into external scaffolding and internal scaffolding; according to the different materials, it can be divided into wooden scaffolding, bamboo scaffolding and steel pipe scaffolding; according to the form of construction, it is divided into vertical scaffolding, bridge scaffolding, portal scaffolding, suspended scaffolding, hanging scaffolding, pick scaffolding and climbing scaffolding.


Size(mm)=length*widthSize(ft lengths)KG
We can also set and produce custom scaffolding specifications to suit your needs, and as a scaffolding manufacturer we can offer you not only wholesale prices, but also the product specifications you need


Refineries, shipyards, construction companies, scaffolding rental companies, scaffolding suppliers and all end users of scaffolding equipment Sales 


The sequence of erection of portal scaffolding is as follows: foundation preparation → placement of pads → placement of base → erection of two-bay single piece portal → installation of crossbars → installation of scaffolding boards → repeat the process of installing portal, crossbars and scaffolding boards on this basis.

Safety Requirements

(1) All materials used in the erection of high-rise scaffolding must meet the quality requirements.

(2) The foundation of high-rise scaffolding must be solid, calculated before erection to meet the load requirements, and erected according to the construction specifications, and drainage measures.

(3) The technical requirements for scaffold erection should be in accordance with the relevant specifications.

(4) Great importance must be attached to various construction measures: scissor bracing, tie points, etc. should be set up as required.

Wholesale Scaffolding Manufacturer

We also offer high quality scaffolding frames and scaffolding accessories at our everyday low warehouse prices. All our scaffolding is brand new! Our scaffolding is powder coated or galvanised to ensure a long life. We specialise in the production of scaffolding with high load capacity and quality assurance. Professional production of scaffolding High quality and reasonable prices. We welcome your enquiries.

We also offer you related products such as scaffold, coupler, clamp, prop, formwork, props, frame, steel, construction, scaffolding props, scaffolding coupler, frame scaffolding, ringlock, shoring prop, forging, post shore, steel pipe, cuplock, steel prop and fitting are available for you to choose from.

we have scaffolding wholesale to suit your needs

We also offer an export service on scaffolding wholesale and manufacturing to anywhere in the world, which can be arranged by a member of our sales team. If you are looking for scaffolding that is of the highest quality, meets safety requirements and is available to your site at a competitive price, contact us today! 

Scaffolding & trade supplies for the construction, building and DIY markets. We also stock gardening supplies.

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