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Ringlock scaffolding is one, if not the most used type of scaffolding system in the market. It has a ton of great benefits, advantages, but it has certain drawbacks as well.

Ringlock scaffolding is also called as LAYHER scaffolding because LAYHER, a German company, came up with the idea of it.

What Size is Standard Scaffolding

the common sizes of scaffolding usually revolve around 8, 9, 12, and 16 feet in length. However, there is actually no “standard” or “regular” size in scaffolding. The size that would be standard will depend on the type, size, and the quality of project you’ll be working on.


Ringlock Standard

Standards are what’s considered as the most relevant component in a ringlock scaffolding system because it is the one that serves as a connection point for all other components. Without a standard, you wouldn’t be able to connect ledgers to brackets, and many other components.


Ringlock Caster Adapter

Adapter for 12" Castor

Aluminum Lattice Beam Girder Adapter

24〞 Extension Base Plate

Ringlock Aluminum Lattice Girder/Beam (0.5m)

catwalk scaffolding

Ringlock Base Plate

Ringlock Capping Piece

Ringlock Caster 

Ringlock Caster 12″

Caster 8″ HD

Ringlock Diagonal Brace

Diagonal Bay Brace 2.0m

Many people think that diagonal braces are similar to ledgers, and are just positioned diagonally. However, that’s not entirely true. Yes, they’re manufactured the same as ledgers, but instead of having it in the same way, the ends are welded and made with a diagonal plug.

RINGLOCK Jack Retainer

Lattice Girder with Spigot (0.5m)

Lattice Girder, No Spigot (0.5m)

These are also used for support or added weight on the platforms. This is what enables scaffolding systems to carry and hold twice the weight they were originally made for!

Screw Jack

Ringlock Ledger

Ledger O-Type

Ledgers are the components that bring standards together, making sure that they’re just right far from each other. It’s used by connecting it at two (2) ends of each of the standards so they become conjoined.

Adjustable Steel Props | America

Ringlock Bridge Ledger

Ringlock Lattice Ggirder

18〞×6´8〞 Access Lsdder W/Clamps

Ringlock Board Bracket

These are what’s considered as extensions of a scaffolding system. Usually positioned at the end of a scaffolding system, the purpose of side brackets would be to widen the overall area of the steel planks for a more flexible working environment for the personnel.


Ringlock Base Collar

Steel Planks

The steel planks are the parts or components that are used as the working space or area of the workers or the personnel. Steel planks are typically fixated and installed on the ledger so that the workers wouldn’t have trouble slipping or sliding through it.

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