5'X6'4" scaffold frame

5’X6’4″ S-Style Triple Ladder Scaffold Frame Set

Frame Dimensions: 5' X 6'4″

Weight: 120.04

Safeway-Style Ladder Scaffolding Frame with three ladder rungs.

Each Set Includes the Following Items: 

2 USA-491B8 Scaffolding Frames

2 USA-303 Cross Braces

4 USA-104 Coupling Pins

4 USA-113 Spring Clips


Width: 5′

Height: 6’4″

Frame Leg: 1-11/16″

Wall Thickness: 0.095″

Top Lock: 8-1/2″

Lock Type: Drop Lock

Drilled Hole: 45 degrees

Finish: Powder Coat Blue

Weight Per Set: 122.68 lbs

Frame Style: Safeway

5'X6'4" scaffold frame

This frame is used as a replacement frame to our biljax style 5ft x 6ft 4in set or for building custom sets and towers. This frame is well suited for the homeowner who wants to build a tower over 20 feet and is okay with a heavier frame. The benefit to using this frame over using the 5ft x 5ft frame is cost. A 20ft tower can be built with 6 frames vs 8 frames saving around $100 in material cost. The disadvantage to using this frame is the weight. The 6ft 4in x 5ft frame weighs approximately 5lbs heavier than the 5ft x 5ft. Our 5ft x 6ft 4in frame meets and/or exceeds all OSHA regulations.The frame has three ladder rungs and uses our C-Locks. To maximize the life and longevity of our scaffold frames we apply a high visibility yellow powder-coating.

This scaffolding frame is a combination between a ladder frame and a walk through frame and allows for both walk through access across the scaffolding platform and a ladder to allow for working platforms on different levels. 

It is commonly used in masonry, stucco and many other applications where there is a need to travel through the frames and across the length of a scaffolding platform. Great for long walls and tall heights. GET A QUOTE BY EMAIL


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