5 foot scaffolding

5 foot scaffolding


5-Foot Wide Standard Scaffold Frames

The 5-foot wide frames are ideally suited for maintenance and general applications. They are available in various heights plus a 6′ – 4′ Walk-thru model. They are recommended where the maximum load capacity does not exceed 50 lbs. per square foot uniformly distributed over a 5′ X 7′ area. All 5-foot wide frames are measured center to center.

Tube Specifications:

Outside diameter: 1.69″
Inside diameter: 1-1/2″
Wall thickness: .095″
Finish: Royal Blue Powder Coat

5' Wide x 5' Tall x 7' Long Mason Frame Frame Set
Product Code: 557MF-Set
Weight: 105lbs.

Frame Leg: 1.69" OD (1-11/16")
Lock Span: 4' (48")
Finish: Powder coated blue

2pcs - 5'W x 5'T Mason Scaffold Frames
2pcs - 7' x 4' Tubular Cross Braces
4pcs - Coupling Pins (1-7/16")
4pcs - Spring Clips

Base Accessories:
Uses any Base Accessory with a 1-3/8" stem

5 foot scaffolding

Scaffold frame overall width 5 ft overall height 5 ft

2′ High Scaffold Frame – 5′ Wide26
3′ High Scaffold Frame – 5′ Wide29.5
4′ High Scaffold Frame – 5′ Wide36.5
5′ High Scaffold Frame – 5’Wide39.5
6’4″ High Scaffold Frame – 5′ Wide45.5
6’4″ High Walk-Thru Scaffold Frame – 5′ Wide49.5
6’4″ High Walk-Thru Scaffold Frame – 42″ Wide45

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