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Aluminum Mobile Scaffolding Tower

What is Aluminum mobile scaffolding

Aluminum mobile scaffolding is a scaffolding system that can be easily moved from one location to another. It is easy to move and is commonly used for plastering, painting and any other overhead tasks that require workers to change positions frequently, and mobile aluminum towers can meet the needs of workers.

Aluminum mobile scaffolding aims to make this process as simple as possible by providing workers with a work platform that can be simply moved up and down. Workers can load materials such as mortar, cement and blocks on the work platform. When finished, a motor raises the platform to the desired height and another group of workers can unload all the materials from the platform. The use of Aluminum mobile scaffolding eliminates the need to install an entire scaffolding system on the building's

Aluminum mobile scaffolding process characteristics

1.Quickly set up and dismantled: Aluminum alloy material is light in quality and high in strength, and the two ends of the cross bar diagonal bar are connected with spring clips, so the overall stability is good and the parts are small and flexible, which is easy to install, transport and store.

2.Easy to move: the use of polyurethane double brake casters, moving light, the height of the legs freely adjustable, can be based on steps, stairs and complex terrain use; with the help of polyurethane casters, can avoid damage to marble, wooden floors and lawns and other ground.

3.The platform board adopts aluminum alloy/birch wood board anti-slip board to enhance safety

4.Strong flexibility: can enter and exit in narrow spaces (such as elevators, room doors, etc.), build and work; combination of diverse, beautiful appearance, work height arbitrary build, can work normally on uneven ground.

5.All parts are treated with special anti-oxidation, no rust, chemical resistance, product life up to 10 years or more, no maintenance.

6.Aluminum mobile scaffolding adopts the new cold working process of internal expansion and external pressure, the breaking pull-off force of scaffolding joint reaches 4100-4400Kg, which is much larger than the permitted pull-off force of 2100Kg, and the large load-bearing capacity of 12m-high double-wide scaffolding is up to 500Kg. Each layer of Aluminum mobile scaffolding working platform plate can support 200KG/M2 on average, and the whole tower can bear the weight of 900Kg.


Aluminum Scaffold Tower

Single Width Tower

Double Width Tower

Yellow Baker Tower

Podium Tower

Mobile Tower With Chassis Beams

Mobile Tower With Stabilizers

Mobile Tower With Stabilizers And Stairway

Scaffolding provides a top manufactured premium, rust-free, and best-quality aluminum scaffolding mobile towers that are offered in the industries.

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mobile aluminum scaffolding

An aluminum mobile scaffolding is an optimum solution whenever the added hand takes longer and is more complicated than simply a simple job, requiring the utilization of tools and other equipment, the time and energy required to line up stationary scaffolding is simply too great. Aluminum mobile scaffolding towers are often quickly erected, including casters for straightforward movement, and offer an oversized, comfortable platform to work from-if required, for two people. Their modular design allows flexible adjustment to the desired working height, with the selection to feature additional height if required. An aluminum mobile scaffold tower is obtainable during a distinct version.

ZHONGHONG Scaffolding & Ladders aluminum scaffolding tower is the best and efficient quality of products that are making to increase customer trust. The aluminum scaffold tower consists of 4 main components which are frames, boards, braces, and stabilizers. An adjustable aluminum mobile tower can work for a longer duration of time, or a huge scaffold for a fixed period, we have the solution for your needs.

Aluminum scaffolding towers Details:

1. Single Width Tower

2. Double Width Tower

3. Yellow Baker Tower

4. Podium Tower

5. Mobile Tower With Chassis Beams

6. Mobile Tower With Stabilizers

7. Mobile Tower With Stabilizers And Stairway

ZHONGHONG Scaffolding & Ladders is one of the leading in China scaffolding manufacturers, Innovator of updated products and supplier of Mobile Aluminum Access Towers and equipment, providing solutions for professionals working at every extent also low-level folding units and podiums to fulfill requirements of both interior and exterior users.

As aluminum scaffolding manufacturers, we pride ourselves on manufacturing good quality products with precision, crafted for a good lifespan and with greater simple assembly. The company's undertaking to supply high-quality scaffolds, is backed by great customer service, and a reputation for competence and reliability. All the products in their range meet high safety standards and are checked and tested before forward. Our objective is to supply you with the service needed to satisfy your goals. Our scaffold towers are ideal for both interior and exterior use with good speed and efficiency, resulting in cost-saving through labor and scheduling.

ZHONGHONG Scaffolding & Ladders features a special department comprising of specialists in custom-made aluminum scaffolds, along with the customer, who looks for only the safest solution for performing at height. Our persistent research and elegance in aluminum scaffold will still keep us on the vanguard of technology and our innovative products will ensure strong growth.

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