Frame Scaffold Set| Green Coating

This style of scaffolding is a west coast and stucco contractor favorite. Each set comes with two frames, four 10′ cross braces and four pins for stacking. This scaffolding is great for working above a wall with a wainscot or working just underneath a soffit.


stucco scaffolding Set

Designed for Stucco scaffolding, this frame set is our most popular among stucco and plaster contractors. It is a safe access match frame that is light weight, easy to assemble and easy to transport. At 3 feet wide, this scaffold requires fewer boards and fits into tight spaces. For more than 12 feet, you will need to tie to the wall. We also carry half-height frames to fit this scaffolding.

Stucco Scaffolding Specifications.

Width: 3′

Height: 6'4"

Frame Legs: 1-11/16"

Wall thickness: 0.095″

Top lock: 8-1/2"

Lock type: drop lock

Drilled hole: 45 degrees

Finish: Powder Coated Blue

Weight per set: 110.04 lbs

Frame Style: Safeway

stucco scaffolding for sale

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Strict design standards, certified raw materials, controlled manufacturing, quality control procedures and independent testing

Blue powder coating prevents rust and light scratches

Exceeds OSHA and ANSI testing requirements

We sell scaffolding styles to match. This means that our stucco scaffolding for sale may be integrated with the scaffolding you are currently using.