aluminium scaffolding saudi arabia

aluminium scaffolding saudi arabia    

We are supplier of good quality Mobile Aluminium Scaffolding Tower in Saudi Arabia for the working height up to 16 meters. and double width (1.45 meters) available with the length combination of either 1.80 meters or 2.55 meters. All the scaffolding parts are made as per EN1004 standards and Load Class 3 (maximum load 250 Kg) complaint, and they are manufactured as per the Work at Height Directives. We also offer warranty on any manufacturing defects.

Our products come with value for money, safety, innovative/custom designs, quality and above all is our easily approachable customer care. Our units are already in use with our clients for major projects worldwide.



As a result, aluminium scaffolding is so safe that the risk of sliding off the roof is reduced and operators can work without difficulty.


Portable scaffolding can be simply transferred from one area to another. Because of the wheels attached to the bottom of the scaffold, it can be transferred by pushing or pulling in one go.

Reduced weight

Very often, scaffold construction is made up of strong and lightweight materials, including aluminium tubes that help keep the whole scaffold light.

High strength aluminium welded frame

Tube diameter: 2" aluminium tube

Unlike steel alternatives, aluminium will not rust

Robust specification based on industrial scaffolding

Quick erection of scaffold towers

Pop-up basic unit

Fits easily into most vans for storage

Can be dismantled and transported without tools

Can be used indoors or outdoors

Passes rigorous and exacting tests

For extra safety, the frame has non-slip ribs

The platform is made of non-slip plywood

aluminium scaffolding saudi arabia

Some quality features of our products - Aluminium scaffolding Saudi Arabia

Top quality

Whether it is scaffolding or ladders, we use high quality materials such as metallic aluminium and steel, wood, locks etc. Our materials are checked for quality by our team before the products are manufactured.

Durable scaffolding

Scaffolding Company Saudi Arabia Our quality products are extremely durable. They are resistant and corrosion resistant. This quality makes them stand out in any environment. As a result, they can be re-used by contractors.


Scaffolding Company Saudi Arabia products are easy to assemble and disassemble. To clarify, only 2 members can easily build the structure. Furthermore, with this feature it can be easily transferred from one site location to another.


When manufacturing these products, our team always keeps the safety of the workers in mind. As a result, a robust structure has been created that can easily work at height. They are reliable and safe for every customer.

Scaffolding Company Saudi Arabia is a full service provider of the best scaffolding solutions to help our customers complete their projects on time and within budget. Our aim is to be one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of scaffolding, ladder and formwork systems for scaffolding companies in Saudi Arabia. We offer a wide range of products such as aluminium and steel scaffolding, ladders, construction materials, safety supplies and formwork systems. We create a protective external structure for any building called a scaffold. With our scaffolding products, every construction can be faster and safer. Providing the best possible service to each and every customer is our speciality.

Our team has a large workforce that can work efficiently and effectively for each customer. They use quality materials to manufacture every part of your product. We use the best quality aluminium, steel, wood, locks, wheels and other materials for our production. We respond to every customer problem and strive to solve it quickly and efficiently. They create scaffolding to suit the needs of the client and their project.

Whatever the size, nature or type of business, we have something for everyone. From construction to commercial use, all use our products. In other words, from small residential projects to large industrial developments; Saudi Scaffolding is the best scaffolding supplier. We ensure that our products are safe and reliable to use. If you are looking for the best quality scaffolding, please do not hesitate; contact us.

In Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait, we manufacture ladders for domestic and industrial use. Having dedicated ourselves to manufacturing for many years, we can say that we have a wealth of experience and we know all the details of how ladders must comply with current regulations and meet any requirements requested by our customers. We manufacture all types of industrial aluminium ladders such as fibreglass single-sided staircases, safety, warehouse, fireproof ladders, insert staircases, etc. If you want to buy a professional ladder or in your home in Saudi Arabia, you will find what you need, in addition, our team will advise you in case you have any questions so that you can buy the best ladder for your needs. Are you looking for industrial scaffolding? Visit our catalogue and make your selection. Are you looking for a domestic ladder? Perhaps a manual or portable ladder is best for you.

As one of the best aluminium scaffolding manufacturers in Saudi Arabia, we specialise in manufacturing and supplying the highest quality scaffolding, which is perfect for a variety of applications across multiple industries. In keeping with our commitment to provide superior value solutions, we strive to source the best quality materials to ensure stability, resilience and durability. Our equipment not only helps workers reach heights, but also ensures you are easy to use.

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