scaffold frames for sale

scaffold frames for sale

scaffold frames for sale

Having scaffold frames is essential for forming strong and safe structures. We use scaffolding frames to build all kinds of scaffolding, in this way we build modular scaffolding that fits perfectly into the space you are working in.

The scaffold frames are part of a large structure prepared for working at height and fixing these components correctly provides a safe structure. At Alufase, we design scaffolding frames that are available for sale and can be assembled in a simple and robust way.

We manufacture every scaffold frame to avoid weak points and other manufacturing errors that can weaken scaffold frames.

Scaffold frames for sale to the USA in scaffold sets

Our scaffold frames are usually sold in sets. Our scaffold sets include four clamps. Typically, buying scaffolding in sets is less expensive than buying each piece of scaffolding individually. Buying by the set also makes it easier for you to work out how much you need for your project.

Every type of scaffolding we carry can be purchased by the set. By default, each set comes with 7 feet of cross bracing. If you want more spacing between scaffold frames, you can choose to upgrade to 10ft cross braces.

Types of scaffold frames we sell by the set

We sell Safeway scaffolding, Waco scaffolding and Bil-Jax scaffolding in matching styles. This means that our scaffolding may be integrated with the scaffolding you are currently using. Amongst these different styles of scaffolding we have walk-through scaffolding, used to create long working platforms across multiple sets of frames, and ladder scaffolding, often used for scaffold towers or when standing platforms and working platforms need to be at different heights.

When you choose to purchase individual scaffold frames (a la carte), please don't forget to consider coupling pins, spring clips, cross braces, screw jacks, castors and scaffold walkers For your convenience, check out our scaffold towers and packaged scaffold sets!

- scaffold frames available in the following sizes.

- Widths: 2', 3', 42", 5' and 6'

- Heights: 2', 3', 4', 5', 6'4", and 7'6"

- Quantity discounts. Looking for 100+ scaffold frames, please email us to see if quantity manufacturer discounts are available!

scaffold frames for sale

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