cup lock scaffolding factory

cup lock scaffolding factory

he cuplock scaffolding (cuplok scaffolding) is also a temporary structure. The workers can build the system scaffolding quickly by using cup-shaped locks without nuts, bolts and wedges.

Cuplock multi-functional scaffold joint reasonable structure, simple production process, easy operation, wide range of use, can fully meet the construction requirements of houses, Bridges and culverts, tunnels, chimneys, water towers and other buildings. Compared with other types of scaffold, the cuplock type multifunctional scaffolding system is a new type of scaffold with wide development prospects.

ZHONGHONG is a cuplock Scaffold Manufacturer and factory In China. Our Cuplock Scaffold Load Capacity is Tested Safe According to EN 12810 European Standard.

cup lock scaffolding factory

ZHONGHONG is Cup Lock Scaffold Manufacturer In China. We are CE Certified Cuplock Scaffolding Factory (EN1090 & ISO3834). Our Cup Lock Scaffold Load Capacity is Tested Safe According to EN 12810 European Standard.

You Can Find Complete Cup Lock Scaffold System Parts&Components. Our Daily Cuplock Scaffolding Test from Steel Raw Material till Load capacity Ensures Premium Cup Lock Scaffolding Material Reaching You.

In addition, we offer free design for your cuplock scaffolding construction and concrete formwork support. You can get free marks and logos on your cuplock scaffolding material. More than that, Door to door delivery service is offered by Wellmade.

Components of Cuplok


These are vertical tubes that use lower fixed cups at half a meter intervals with rotating cups on the top. These can firmly hold together up to four components. Verticals come with and without spigots, adding to the flexibility of Cuplock scaffolding system. Verticals without spigots weigh lighter than the one with spigots. Standards are made of 40 mm NB tubes and can be used for access or support. Verticals are available in these sizes: 500 mm, 1000 mm, 1500 mm, 2000 mm, 2500 mm, and 3000 mm.


Cuplock horizontals include ledgers and transoms, are also made of 40 mm NB tubes, and are so robust that they require zero maintenance. Horizontal tubes have forged blade ends that allows simple and quick assembly. The blade ends of the horizontals fit into the cup of the vertical tube, ensuring a strong assembly. Normal horizontals can also serve as guard-railings in a staircase tower. Ledgers come in the following standard sizes, but they can also be customized according to your requirement: 500 mm, 1000 mm, 1250 mm, 1500 mm, 2000 mm, and 2500 mm.

Universal Jack

Universal jacks are highly durable and very efficient. The universal jack is used as an adjustment part, and can be inserted at the bottom or top of a scaffold support structure. They have an adjustment of up to half a meter, and accommodate differences in ground level, as well as to keep the structure leveled. Universal jack is used in conjunction with adapters, foreheads, and base plates. When fully supported, universal jacks can take on the entire capacity of Cuplock scaffolding system.

Intermediate Transoms

When standard scaffold boards need intermediate support, intermediate transoms step in. They span between the inner and outer horizontal ledgers and act as a locking device to keep them firmly in place. Each end of the intermediate transom is shaped like a jaw to prevent the ledgers from dislocation.

Hop up brackets

Cuplock hop up brackets are available in one-board, two-board, and three-board designs. The purpose of Cuplock hop up brackets is to support two to three boards beyond the interior of the scaffold, resulting in an increase in the span of the working platform. The outer edge of hop up brackets has a cup joint in which a ledger can be fixed; it also has a socket that serves as a handrail post support.

Other Cuplock scaffolding system components include spigot pins, inside board transoms, single board support, steel toeboard, return device, scaffold boards, handrail posts, swivel face brace, castor wheel, deck adapter, hook decks, ladder safety gates, and swan necked verticals. Each component adds to the adaptability of the Cuplock scaffolding system.

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