aluminum scaffolding supplier

aluminum scaffolding supplier

Scaffolding Aluminium supplier

Unlike other scaffolding companies, in Alufase we only work with our own material. We do the most adequate maintenance work for our pieces, when we sell a scaffold, we are sure of its characteristics and the advantages it has over other structures.

If you want to work with an aluminum scaffold for many years, trust Alufase and find the best solution for you, your security is our priority, caffolding Aluminium supplier are the most used scaffolds in the world, but not all of them are the same, work with us and perceive the difference.


One of the keys when we are working with Aluminium Scaffolding is maintenance. Aluminium is a very resistant material in the long term, however, it is important to carry out an intense maintenance work, which avoid weak parts.

In Alufase we take care of our material, so our structures are always in perfect condition, preventing our scaffolding aluminium from being damaged.


In our catalogue you will find complete aluminum structures and single parts. Our mobile scaffolds are very light and safe, with them you can work in different places, locating the complete structure in the place where you need it.

We have as well all kind of aluminum parts for aluminum scaffolding. Sometimes, the scaffolding is damaged by different causes, it is important to change these pieces by new ones, which you can find in our website. All our pieces are evaluated in our factory, to ensure that all of them meet the necessary security requirements.But if you are looking for the best scaffolding rental agency, Alufase is the solution.

aluminum scaffolding supplier

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