WACO scaffolding

This style of frame scaffolding has full size frames that are 6’7” tall and takes a 1-3/8” coupling pin (USA-100 or 103 coupling pins) with pin holes at 90 degrees to the horizontal member, and candy cane style drop locks. 

Set of Waco style match Double Ladder Scaffolding Frames. The ladder portion of these frames provides multiple platform locations for working, materials or tools. It is also climbable making these frames an excellent choice for a scaffold tower or as end pieces to a masonry scaffolding platform.

5’X6’7″ W-Style Double Ladder Scaffold Set

Frame Dimensions: 5′ X 6’7″

Weight: 123.8

5' X 6'7" W-Style Walk-Through Scaffold Frame

48" Lock Space.

1 5/8" OD.

D/Candy Cane Lock (Uses hole type scaffold braces only)

Compatible with Waco brand scaffolding.

Red Powder Coated finish.

Exceeds OSHA and ANSI requirements.

Five (5) year warranty.

Tube ends: Each tube end that forms a weld joint is coped to provide a larger welding surface.

Finish: Components are painted using state-of-the-art powder coating that provides a more durable finish.

WACO scaffolding


Exacting Material Standards

Premium quality starts with material standards so exacting that each load of tubing for ZHONGHONG comes from the mill with certification that the steel meets our specifications.

Rigorous Quality Standards

To ensure accuracy and consistency, rigorous quality control procedures are followed through all production stages.

Durability by Design

ZHONGHONG delivers superior strength and durability:

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