custom scaffolding

custom scaffolding

CUSTOM work platforms, stairs and height access solutions

Tailored CUSTOM solutions

In many different industries there is a need to access machinery and buildings at heights that are considered high risk or difficult to access. ZHONGHONG is at the forefront of the modern era where operator safety and the quick and efficient completion of tasks are of paramount importance.

We will assess the working conditions on your site and the tasks that need to be completed and recommend the safest and most cost effective solution to enable the project to be completed in the safest and most cost effective manner. Our innovative approach and experience in a wide range of aerial access solutions means you'll be a winner.

Whether you run a transport company or a construction business - or need specialist access in any industry - you have to deal with structures and machinery of different shapes and sizes on a daily basis. zhonghong is CUSTOM work platforms, ladders, temporary stairs, air access and more.

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Access to all industries

Whether your industry is mining, aviation, manufacturing, transport or construction, ZHOGNHONG can assess the tasks you need to complete and develop a fully CUSTOM access solution

We know that not all specialist machinery in the world is equipped with manufacturer-made compatible access equipment, so let ZHONGHONG be the retrofitter for CUSTOM work platforms, maintenance platforms, staircases and more.

Design details

In fact, no matter what industry you work in, or what you need access to, ZHONGHONG can design and manufacture any robust and easily transportable solution.

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If you have any questions about ZHONGHONG's Working CUSTOM platform and other solutions, please contact us today.

Whatever you need ZHONGHONG can design and build it. Our specialist scaffolding team work with you to develop CUSTOM scaffolding systems that not only meet your specifications, but complement the functionality and efficiency of your project.

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custom scaffolding

Types of CUSTOM scaffolding products available

Cantilever Scaffolding

Cantilever scaffolding is a form of scaffolding that is often used to overcome obstacles or narrow passages that prevent scaffold towers from being located on the ground. It is also a good option for those who wish to reduce the chance of damage occurring to the structure below the cantilevered area. Conventional scaffolding usually requires frames, posts or footings to support some part of the ground or structure below the proposed scaffold level.

High headroom truss scaffolding

High headroom and truss scaffolding is commonly used in the scaffolding industry to erect fixed objects. There are two common options to overcome this obstacle - walkways can be connected to separate scaffold towers to form bridges, or scaffold systems can be built without bracing underneath the platform.

Staircase scaffolding

We designed this scaffolding for work above the stairs, while still keeping the stairs clear. This Easyup scaffold tower is another example of a scaffold designed for use in a stairwell.

Scaffolding on fixed seats

We have designed scaffolding solutions for auditoriums, churches and stadiums where permanent or fixed seating would pose an obstacle. The system is designed to sit safely over and between fixed seats to allow for the replacement of recessed light bulbs, paint repairs etc.

System scaffolding

Creating a safe, multi-level working phase is a goal ZHONGHONG has been achieving for over 30 years. As the benchmark for scaffolding systems, ZHONGHONG has the necessary expertise and equipment resources to enhance your workforce to complete any task. We specialise in providing temporary access solutions where there are challenges such as limited mobility, common areas and/or difficult site conditions. Our systems are lightweight and designed to facilitate efficient installation and dismantling, while our supply capabilities extend from building and construction to large industrial applications, right through to the most complex CUSTOM projects. Large or small, contact us today to discuss your next project. 

Aluminium brackets

ZHONGHONG's aluminium brackets provide an inexpensive and simple way to create elevated work platforms for painters and other trades. They can be used on their own or as part of the ZHONGHONG trestle safety system.

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We offer fast, effective and economical solutions to problems, using standard components from our extensive product range wherever possible.

ZHONGHONG is committed to building safe scaffolding and we understand that sometimes the job isn't easy. We have a wide range of exclusive and patented scaffolding products available to perform difficult scaffolding tasks.

We are always ready to carry out free site inspections to investigate every opportunity to help our customers move forward.

ZHONGHOGN's range of scaffolding, platforms, planks, brackets, conventional products and stair treads are designed to meet all relevant Australian standards and are manufactured using thick-walled extrusions to increase load ratings and improve safety. Our raw material base is supported by one of Australia's largest aluminium extrusion companies - G.James Aluminium Products - which ensures design flexibility and, more importantly, reliability of supply.

In addition to our standard range, we are proud to specialise in CUSTOM work platforms to meet individual access requirements for road, rail, aviation, marine and industrial applications.

Quality components, innovative design and industry leading features make QuickAlly products a real value for the long term. Ask us today how we can help you meet your access requirements.

CUSTOM scaffold sizes

10' CUSTOM Scaffold

This scaffold has custom 10' long trusses and safety guardrails, as well as two directional legs that allow it to safely span the front of a food refrigerated truck.

The stable work platform allows the mechanic to easily and safely repair the refrigeration unit located above the cab, as well as repair the side of the truck.

16 x '8' 

Need to get taller? Need access to light bulbs on a 20-foot ceiling, or instant plasterboard or wallpaper on a cathedral ceiling at that height?

By stacking two Gentex Series 88 scaffolds together, you can get there safely and comfortably with the 16' Gentex Tower. A safety guardrail system and outriggers are also included, in accordance with OSHA safety requirements.

32′ CUSTOM Scaffolding

This is one of four of our standard 8 foot scaffolds attached end-to-end, with super strong safety rails and swing gates at each end.

360 degree scaffolding

This customer needed 360 degree access to objects protruding through square holes in the platform. The holes and extension rails are made from heavy duty steel and feature a unique Gentex triangular truss design that provides solid support for the platforms that make up the spacious extension platform assembly. The client's staff will feel they are walking on solid ground even though they are 8ft -16ft in the air.

CUSTOM 10' Scaffolding

A customer needed to span the width of a truck to perform maintenance on top. To do this, he needed a custom 10' truss and custom 10' safety rails.

CUSTOM 12' Scaffolding

This 12' high scaffold comes with outriggers and a safety guardrail system.

CUSTOM 20' Scaffold

This custom scaffold features our longest 20 foot span.

CUSTOM Curved Scaffold

This is a custom curved scaffold with an extended metal platform and curved safety rails to wrap around cylindrical objects.

CUSTOM U-Shaped Rolling Scaffold

This seamless, custom U-shaped rolling scaffold is perfect for surrounding large equipment such as trucks and buses. The unique Gentex design allows easy access from three sides at the same time. Or, work directly above your target, if that's the access you need.

Diamond plate platforms

As an alternative to our standard plywood platforms, our DIAMOND-PLATE platform offers the ultimate in strength. It is an ideal choice if you are working in a clean room environment or in a nuclear facility where decontamination is required.

Extra-long scaffolding

Special couplings create infinitely long scaffolds.

Very large CUSTOM scaffolds

We can make very large custom scaffolds that can be used, for example, to surround large rectangular objects.

ZHONGHONG offers a complete bespoke design service for any job that requires a professionally designed tower. We also offer light weight, easy to

system aluminium scaffolding that is lightweight, easy to set up and perfect for your particular job.

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We also offer a complete selection of ladders, lights, base plates, castors and more. All accessories are compatible with any span arrangement. Find out more about our scaffolding


While scaffolding and related services have traditionally been Universal's primary business, our decades of engineering experience, combined with the range of our scaffolding manufacturing and fabrication capabilities, has enabled us to develop a wide range of CUSTOM fall protection and engineered access solutions. From CUSTOM's modular platforms to guardrail systems and everything in between, our team will work with you to develop a solution that enhances safety and accessibility throughout the process. Whether you are an independent contractor or part of a multinational company, our team has the capability and expertise to add value to any organisation. We use our CUSTOM scaffolding products to design better, safer and more efficient ways for you to achieve your goals.

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