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  • Kwikstage Scaffolding

  • Kwikstage Scaffolding

  • Kwikstage Scaffolding

  • Kwikstage Scaffolding

  • Kwikstage Scaffolding

  • Kwikstage Scaffolding

Kwikstage Scaffolding System

Product Price: 5.03-15.1 USD/tablet

Color: Red, blue, green, yellow, customizable

Minimum Quantity: 1*20GP

Product Delivered Quantity: 500

Application: Construction, Engineering

Material: Q235 Steel, Q355 steel

Surface Treatment: Flame Plating/ Electro galvanized


Kwikstage Scaffolding System upright tube
Kwikstage Scaffolding System cross bar

Kwikstage is a kind of modular scaffolding system, which is versatile and serves various purposes. This kind of scaffolding system is highly useful in situations where the facade of the building is complex, and a regular facade scaffold cannot be positioned.  Kwikstage Scaffolding System is high, convenient disassembly, weighing capacity, functional diversity, star type scaffold standard connection point for 4 high strength steel plate stamping triangle iron.

The two ends of the Kwikstage Scaffolding System are welded with oblique iron, the cross plug and the steel pipe contact range is large, with a two-way locking function, can effectively improve the overall strength and safety of the star scaffold, better meet the construction safety.

Introduction to kwikstage scaffolding

kwikstage scaffolding is a modular scaffolding system with a wide range of uses and applications. This scaffolding system is very useful in situations where the complexity of the building façade makes it impossible to locate conventional façade scaffolding.

The best thing about modular scaffolding, such as kwikstage, is that it can be moulded into any shape to suit the structure of the building. The kwikstage can also be flexibly installed on either side of the building façade in order to make the project as simple as possible.

The kwikstage scaffolding combines various individual components that can be flexibly interconnected to build the most suitable scaffolding for the project. The individual components are also easier to stack, transport and connect. Due to the lack of loose components, the rapid stage scaffolding stays in place and has a stable vertical alignment. This makes kwikstage scaffolding a safe scaffolding system that workers can use with confidence.

Thanks to these effective properties, kwikstage scaffolding can support the creation of unique building structures and is becoming increasingly popular in the engineering and construction sector.

Benefits of kwikstage scaffolding

kwikstage scaffolding is modular, which means that it is highly versatile and can be changed as required to suit different purposes. This type of system is particularly useful where building elevations are not uniform and make traditional scaffolding systems impractical.

VersatilityInclusivity and versatility

Rapid stage kwikstage scaffolding is designed to be easily adaptable to different situations and to suit a variety of applications. It has a wide variety of components that allow kwikstage scaffolding to help set up various structures and in turn help build a stunning building. In most cases, the basic components of the Quick Stage are sufficient; just a few additional components are needed to help kwikstage scaffolding become more adaptable to the situation. The main use of modular kwikstage scaffolding is that it allows the platform to be changed to suit different shapes and thus to access certain structures more easily. The kwikstage scaffolding consists of several modular components that allow the platform to be easily modified to suit the project. kwikstage scaffolding is designed for a variety of uses, but is mainly used for central compartments and supporting floors. As mentioned earlier, the Quick Stage is able to mould itself into the shape of the structure being built, which is why it does not create any complications when building arches, angles or oriented bridges. It is used for formwork and construction. kwikstage scaffolding has been expressly designed to adapt to different situations and to the changing needs of contemporary job sites, where work done at height becomes more and more delicate every year. Workers need a system that is safe, flexible and easy to use - and this product meets those needs.

Easy to use

One of the reasons why kwikstage scaffolding is so popular with tradesmen from all backgrounds is because it is so easy to erect and dismantle. kwikstage scaffolding is a non-fixing system that is assembled in a series of individual grids. Four horizontal brackets can be attached to a single press in a single movement, thus significantly speeding up the installation process of the system. The ability to attach four brackets or horizontal brackets to a single press in a single movement makes it very easy to erect a quick stage. In addition, this kwikstage scaffolding is very flexible in terms of the surface on which it sits. Uneven floors or areas are no problem for kwikstage scaffolding - whether it's a construction project or a film set, kwikstage scaffolding can help you get the job done safely and quickly. Compared to conventional products, far fewer workers are required to install kwikstage scaffolding, which helps you to save on labour costs and reduce liability.


Another benefit of these kwikstage scaffoldings is that they can be dismantled and transported more easily, thus reducing the hassle of dismantling and installing the system on different jobs. Because kwikstage scaffolding is designed to minimise the number of loose components, it is a very safe scaffolding system that maintains stable vertical alignment and is very resistant to wear and tear.

Accessory components

Thanks to the flexible design of kwikstage scaffolding, you can purchase a number of convenient accessory components to enhance the versatility of your platform solution. Quick stage scaffolding includes four basic components - standard, ledger, basic jack and hook plate - but additional components can be added to increase the flexibility and adaptability of kwikstage scaffolding to a wide range of projects.

Quick set-up

kwikstage scaffolding is a quick system that helps with construction projects. Compared to other scaffolding systems, assembling the quick stage requires relatively few workers to complete the job. This not only saves time but also significantly saves on labour costs.

The kwikstage scaffolding difference

We specialise in kwikstage scaffolding for construction companies who need a safe, reliable and flexible platform solution.

We love working with companies that use scaffolding systems on a daily basis and are looking for a way to reduce costs, improve worker safety and bring a higher level of flexibility when dealing with new and existing projects. We love to see the surprised look on our customers' faces when they realise how much money they can save by having kwikstage scaffolding, rather than continuing to employ expensive products that have to be returned after the project.

The kwikstage scaffolding components we offer are made from mild steel, making them more ductile while still maintaining strength. This means that kwikstage scaffolding components can be bent to suit the stresses of the job site, rather than cracking or breaking as tends to happen with conventional systems. Clearly, this makes kwikstage scaffolding safer for workers, especially over long periods of time when the platform will remain in the same configuration for months at a time.

We offer a complete range of kwikstage scaffolding component compatible kwikstage kits, giving you maximum versatility to handle any project. See our product range for yourself.

Some of our additional kwikstage scaffolding applications include

Parameter access


Template support


Stair access

Public protection

Mobile scaffolding

Maintenance access


Edge protection


Its adaptability and speed of installation allows it to be used in a wide range of applications from house building to large industrial applications, from towers to platforms, as well as for general purpose and inspection in light or heavy access.


Components:Parameter Access, Birdcages, Formwork support, Staging, Stair access, Public protection, Mobile scaffold, Maintenance access, Handrailing, Edge protection

Kwikstage Scaffolding SystemKwikstage Scaffolding System
Tripod Extension Frame, Adjustable BaseConnection Method

About us

With a wide range of accessories including handrails, board stage-brackets, staircase towers and loading bays, we provide safe and secure access systems for all requirements. 

We also offer an export service on kwikstage to anywhere in the world, which can be arranged by a member of our sales team.

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