buy ring lock scaffold

buy ring lock scaffold

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0.5M Ring Lock Standard Vertical w/Spigot (1-Ring) - PSV-RL-9105

1.0M Ring Lock Standard Vertical w/Spigot (2-Ring) - PSV-RL-9110

1.5M Ring Lock Standard Vertical w/Spigot (3-Ring) - PSV-RL-9115

10' Galvanized Ladder (Wide) - PSV-RL-9610SYW

10' Pin & Ring Vertical Diagonals/Bay Brace - PSV-RL-93106

10Ft Ring Lock Double Ledger (3.048M) - PSV-RL-9510N

10Ft Ring Lock Single Ledger (3.048M) - PSV-RL-92100

10Ft-1in Ring Lock Single Ledger (3.073M) - PSV-RL-92101

12" Ring Lock Caster Adapter Plate for System Scaffolding - PSV-RL-9909

13" Pin & Ring Starter Collar - PSV-RL-99013

14' Ring Lock Lattice Girder (4.627M) - PSV-RL-9814

14' Ring Lock System Scaffold Stair Tower - PSV-RLST-90014

17.5" Pin & Ring Starter Collar - PSV-RL-9901N

1Ft 6in Ring Lock Single Ledger (0.457M) - PSV-RL-9216

1Ft Ring Lock Single Ledger (0.305M) - PSV-RL-9210

2.0M Ring Lock Standard Vertical w/Spigot (4-Ring) - PSV-RL-9120

2.5M Ring Lock Standard Vertical w/Spigot (5-Ring) - PSV-RL-9125

21' Ring Lock System Scaffold Stair Tower - PSV-RLST-90021

2Ft 2in Ring Lock Single Ledger (0.660M) - PSV-RL-9222

2Ft Ring Lock Single Ledger (0.609M) - PSV-RL-9220

3 1/2" X 2" Right Angle Scaffold I-Bolt Clamp - PSV-772I

3 1/2" X 2" Right Angle Scaffold T-Bolt Clamp - PSV-772T

3' Expandable Swing Gate - PSV-RL-9800

3' Galvanized Ladder (Wide) - PSV-RL-9604SYW

buy ring lock scaffold


Throughout the manufacturing process, APAC keeps a watchful eye on every step, from the inquiry to delivery. To be your trustworthy manufacturer & supplier of Ringlock scaffolding systems in China, we wish to deliver the value of excellent Chinese products and quality to stand the test of time.


APAC Ringlock scaffolding components are made of high-quality Q235 or Q355 grade steel. We control the quality of our scaffolds through our daily quality control processes, including steel grade testing, dimensional inspection, and weld line testing.


APAC is a leading ringlock scaffolding manufacturer in China. APAC ringlock scaffolding is widely used for various industrial and construction applications.

As a leading manufacturer, we always receive several questions from our clients all over the world.

Therefore we prepared this beginner’s guide on ringlock scaffolding. If you need any specific information, you are always welcome to send us an inquiry.

we could offer the sample if it’s in stock. But you need to pay the cost of freight.

Both scaffolding systems are made of prefabricated components with specific functionalities. These scaffolding systems are manufactured with high-strength galvanized steel.

The most significant difference between the two lies in the way they are connected.

Ringlock scaffolding comes with a unique rosette-type central connector, which can be connected to 8 components. This connector allows ringlock scaffolding to exhibit complex geometries.

Kwikstage scaffolding welds 4 “V” iron plates on the high tensile steel tube as the connection point for standards.

Although Ringlock scaffolding and Kwikstage scaffolding are widely used in the construction industry, Ringlock scaffolding has some advantages over Kwikstage scaffolding. Let’s look at some of the key differences.

  • Surface treatment:Ringlock scaffolding is hot-dip galvanized. Kwikstage is normally powder-coated. On the other hand, Kwikstage scaffolding may be refurbished with paint hiding rust, corrosion and traceability.

  • Load-handling strength: Ringlock scaffolding has more components to share the pressure resulting in a more stable structure, and the service life is also pretty high. From this point of view,Kwikstage scaffolding is not as durable as ringlock scaffolding.

  • Time advantage: Layher Allround scaffolding is a type of Ringlock scaffolding. Back in 2010, Layher already did a comparative test of the installation.

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