main frame scaffolding

main frame scaffolding

The main frame scaffolding allows for walk-throughs under the scaffolding frame. Walk-through scaffold frames are therefore suitable for general and special building construction, such as masonry, side sheds in cities.

Ladder frame scaffolding by ZHONGHONG main frame scaffolding, also known as walk-through frames, ladder frames, box frames, narrow frames, heavy duty scaffold support frames, frame system components include scaffold brackets, coupling pins, guardrails, Goosers, screw jacks, U-heads, guardrail posts.

In addition to main frame scaffolding, ZHONGHONG also offers professionally manufactured frame scaffolding accessories including trigger out, risers, horizontal frames, U-heads, jack bases, guardrails, support TS90s, clamps (fixed and swivel clamps), wheels with and without locks.

We manufacture and design main frame scaffolding from robust raw materials. ZHONGHONG's main frame scaffolding is designed to support construction work in buildings under construction.

ZHONGHONG offers different types of main frame scaffolding for your job. Depending on your specific application, we can offer high quality main frame scaffolding at very affordable prices.

ZHONGHONG's main frame scaffolding systems include H-frame systems and A-frame scaffolds. And main frame scaffolding includes galvanised steel scaffolding stairs.

If you are in the field of building construction and indoor mobile scaffolding, then you need to include main frame scaffolding steel sheets.

The main frame scaffolding includes main frame scaffolding in sizes 1700 mm, 1930 mm, 1524 mm and 914 mm. scaffolding frame systems include components and parts such as vertical frames, cross braces, guardrail bars, guard rails, jack bases, U-head jacks, etc. main frame The scaffolding access system consists of catwalk panels, steel stairs with steps and hooks, metal decking. Steel brackets and back banks are used to support formwork and concrete fakes. Castors are a component of a scaffolding tower in a frame scaffolding system.

main frame scaffolding

main frame scaffolding and components

ZHONGHONG is a manufacturer of main frame scaffolding in China.

You can find all types of main frame scaffolding.

Pre-galvanised scaffold frames

Painted/coated scaffold frames

Hot dipped galvanised scaffold frames

All components of the main frame scaffolding system are available here at competitive prices.

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