ringlock scaffold

ringlock scaffold

ring lock scaffolding, one of the support systems for construction, owns the advantages of both cup-lock scaffolding and shoring tower. ring lock scaffolding is in the development direction of new type of scaffolding. The ring lock scaffolding system is a safer and more convenient modular scaffolding system, available as a 48mm system or a 60mm system. The ringlock system consists of a standard, ledger, diagonal clamps, jack base, and U-head. The ring lock scaffolding standard is welded with an eight-hole wreath with four small holes for attaching the ledger and another four large holes for attaching the diagonal supports. The logical ring lock scaffolding design allows the system to be stressed by three points and resists bending and slipping. The ring lock scaffolding screw jack head and screw jack foot are adjustable and can be selected according to the demand. The ring lock scaffolding system has excellent stability and bearing capacity, is easy and flexible to assemble and disassemble, and has a high degree of standardization. ring lock scaffolding is widely used in buildings, bridges, tunnels, etc...

ZHONGHONG ring lock scaffolding system

Find a wide range of ring lock scaffolding. Get the best and cheapest offers from the most complete range of suppliers from ZHONGHONG. ZHONGHONG ring lock scaffolding is made from high-strength steel and special galvanized methods to enhance its durability. In addition, with our accumulated technical knowledge and extensive construction experience, we offer a wide range of ring lock scaffolding of top quality. Our ring lock scaffolding systems are used not only for high-rise buildings but also for large projects such as bridges, dams, motorways, tunnels, stadiums and airport control towers.

ringlock scaffold

ring lock scaffolding part


Ledgers are connected to the vertical Standards using the cast end with

the captive wedge. This connection is extremely strong and prevents the

possibility of loose components. 


Diagonals are available in various Ledger lengths and lift heights.

Diagonals attach to the rosettes using the same integrated wedge

connection as the Ledgers. 

Base Jacks and Base Collars

As the first component of the Ringlock system to be

assembled, the base jacks ensure the correct transfer of

loads to the ground and come equipped with a spindle for

height adjustment.

Diagonal Braces

Diagonal Braces connect to the rosette using a swiveling cast

end and wedge, and provide rigidity to the scaffold.

Steel Decks

In order to provide maximum strength and safety, our walking/working

platforms are made of steel and include a perforated surface, allowing

for water to pass through while providing sufficient grip for users. Each

steel deck comes with an anti-lifting device and is available in all ledger

lengths, and in two widths; 0.19 m and 0.32 m.

Access Deck

The access deck with a built-in trapdoor

provides easy passage within the working area,

while a fixed ladder provides safe access between levels. Both ladder and platform surfaces

are anti-slip.


Made from either steel or aluminium and available in different widths and

lengths, the lightweight quality of our stairways enable easy and safe

handling. The variable landing areas built within the stairways allow for

greater versatility.

Truss Ledger

Truss ledgers are horizontal components which have increased

load-bearing capacities. They are used as trusses to support

decking and are mainly used in conjunction with wider scaffolding

applications such as birdcage, cantilever or suspended scaffolding.

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