5x5 scaffold frame

5' x 5' Masonry Scaffolding Frame Package

Two (2) 5' x 5' Masonry (Step) Scaffolding Frames.

1 5/8" OD

Two (2) BR0727H 7' Cross Braces.

Four (4) 9" Coupling Pins w/1" collar.

Four (4) 2" Rivet/Cotter Pins..

Yellow Powder Coated Finish.

Compatible with BJ-Style (BilJax) scaffolding.

Five (5) year warranty

5' Wide x 5' Tall x 7' Long Mason Frame Frame Set
Product Code: 557MF-Set
Weight: 105lbs.
Frame Leg: 1.69" OD (1-11/16")
Lock Span: 4' (48")
Finish: Powder coated blue
2pcs - 5'W x 5'T Mason Scaffold Frames
2pcs - 7' x 4' Tubular Cross Braces
4pcs - Coupling Pins (1-7/16")
4pcs - Spring Clips
Base Accessories:
Uses any Base Accessory with a 1-3/8" stem

5x5 scaffold frame

5’X5′ S-Style Double Ladder Frame Set

Safeway-Style Ladder Scaffolding Frame with two ladder rungs.

Each Set Includes the Following Items: 

2 Scaffolding Frames

2 Cross Braces

4 Coupling Pins

4 Spring Clips


Width: 5′

Height: 5′

Frame Leg: 1-11/16″

Wall Thickness: 0.095″

Top Lock: 8-1/2″

Lock Type: Drop Lock

Drilled Hole: 45 degrees

Finish: Powder Coat Blue

Weight Per Set: 105.90 lbs

Frame Style: Safeway

Build Sturdy and Strong Scaffold Structures with the 5' x 5' 1" W-Style Double Ladder Scaffold Frame

Weight: 41.95 lbs.
Made of High Quality Q235 Steel
Frame Leg: 1.25" (1-5/8")
Wall Thickness: 0.090"
Top Lock: 7"
Lock Type: Candy Cane
Drilled Hole: 90 degree
Finish: Powder Coat Red
Shipping Dimensions: 61" x 61.75" x 1.75"
Product Code: PSV-419AC

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