cup and lock scaffolding

cup and lock scaffolding

CupLock System Scaffold

One of the most popular types of scaffolding systems is a Cuplock scaffolding system. This type of system is fully galvanized and can serve several purposes. Since it’s a kind of modular scaffolding, it mostly consists of vertical and horizontal components that users can combine to form a temporary structure suitable for various jobs. These components connect via a unique circular node locking design, providing users with greater flexibility and safety in their scaffolding designs.

Involving a workforce in building construction is all getting safer day after day. Thanks to the use of Cuplock System Scaffolds from the house of Scaffold Supply. You don’t require bolts, nuts or wedges to lock it as these scaffolds come with quick locking facility. Also, it comes with quick fastening facility which eases the task of setting up. These are well optimized for working at heights. Cuplock System Scaffolds are viable in a range of applications such as continuous façade, birdcage access, staircase access, circular scaffolding etc. Hence your construction works are all set to get eased up and safer to ensure you build the best.

Traditional vs. Cuplock Setups

Many companies turn to Cuplock scaffolding over traditional scaffolding for several reasons. Cuplock setups offer companies better cost and time savings, as well as tougher, safer and lighter materials. Additionally, Cuplock setups have easier installation and locking procedures compared to traditional setups. 

If you’re interested in investing in Cuplock systems, learn more about the benefits of them compared to traditional setups:

1. Greater Time and Cost Savings

Cuplock scaffolding features adaptable components that companies can quickly set up for several purposes, such as maintenance, refurbishment and construction. Traditional scaffolding uses fittings and tubes to build its structure, with these components taking a long time to attach properly. Cuplock scaffolding relies on more adaptable and flexible components, resulting in faster scaffolding construction. 

As a result of Cuplock’s easy-to-use scaffolding, companies can quickly set up scaffolding at work sites, helping workers get to their tasks faster. By saving time, your company can also see cost savings since your team can complete projects more quickly and move on to other jobs. Additionally, a Cuplock system minimizes the number of loose fittings and wedge connectors you have to use, saving you on costs associated with purchasing them.

2. Lighter, Tougher and Safer Materials

Traditional tubes for scaffolding are heavier than Cuplock tubes, so they’re also more difficult to handle, store and transport. Since Cuplock scaffolding materials are lighter and palletized, it’s easier for workers to transport them by hand and construct scaffolding. Alongside being lighter than traditional tubes, Cuplock scaffolding tubes are much more durable, as they feature a galvanized surface. This surface better resists corrosion from weather conditions.

Cuplock scaffolding is also much safer than traditional scaffolding. Cuplock scaffolding removes diagonal bracing obstructions common in traditional scaffolding, keeping work platforms continuous and safer to navigate. You can also outfit these cutting-edge scaffolding systems with safe staircases and ladder safety gates.

3. Easier Installation and Locking Procedure

One of the Cuplock scaffolding system’s unique features is its node-point locking device. With this device, a single vertical tube can connect with four horizontal tubes. Additionally, workers don’t need to use any loose bolts, wedges or clips to lock components to the node-point, making this scaffolding easier and faster to install compared to traditional methods.

cup and lock scaffolding

Cuplock Components

  • CupLock Board Brackets

    Tighten your scaffolds and ensure 200 percent safety of all your team members and let them raise the benchmark for productivity with the range of Cuplock Board Brackets from the house of Scaffolds Supply. These come with high tensile strength and are highly durable. Scaffolds Supply offers an array of Cuplock Board Brackets for different purposes such as vertical and horizontal alignments. All these come with hot dip galvanized finish and are made of high strength low alloy structural steel. Hence reliability, safety and quality are guaranteed.

  • CupLock Braces

    CupLock Braces

    Add more strength and durability to your scaffolds with the range of Cuplock Braces from Scaffolds Supply. These braces are of superior quality and come with a hot dip galvanized finish. Also, they are made of high strength low alloy structural steel. Moreover, these braces can be fixed with ease and will eventually let your team to get on to the work and complete it on time.

  • CupLock Casters, Adapters and Bases

    CupLock Casters, Adapters and Bases


  • CupLock Horizontal Trusses

    CupLock Horizontal Trusses

    Span your scaffold to long distances with the Scaffolds Supply range of Cuplock Horizontal Trusses. Here you find a variety of Trusses that can increase efficiency and reduce the number of property used. All of the Trusses you find here are cost effective and helps one understand where to give support to spread load evenly. Most importantly, it is simple in design to ease setup operations.

  • CupLock Horizontals / Ledgers

    CupLock Horizontals / Ledgers

    Enable desired grid shape for the scaffolding and make it more comfortable for all of your team members indulged in field work. The nature of Cuplock Ledger allows it to fit perfectly to the supporting material and offers superior grip to the Scaffolds. The array of Cuplock Horizontals/Ledgers you find below is among the simple ones to assemble and reconstruct. Hence the highly time consuming activities are getting way simplified nowadays.

  • CupLock Verticals

    CupLock Verticals

    Build a base structure, make a formwork and improve your field work team’s productivity with Scaffolds Supply’s range of Cuplock Vertical Standards. These are manufactured utilizing finest raw materials and modern machines. All of these have a hot dip galvanized finish and is made of a high strength low alloy structural steel.

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