ring lock scaffold

ring lock scaffold

The ring lock scaffold is ideally suited to structures with complex heights and shapes. Where angular flexibility is essential, Ringlock scaffolding is always available. Its design allows it to require minimal storage space. This ring lock scaffold system is used for support and access structures in the construction industry, offshore construction, industrial maintenance and shipbuilding.

The core of the scaffold is a single garland to which up to four braces and four levels can be attached using only hammers. ring lock scaffoldcan be used for circular, curved or straight structures as well as for mobile and freestanding towers. The ring lock scaffold system has no loose components and is easy to use, maintain and store


Allowable Leg Load: 5,000lbs.
Diameter: 1.90" OD
Wall Thickness: 0.125"
Yield Strength: 50 ksi
Tensile Strength: 65 ksi
Elongation: 30%

Steel Plate: 3/8"
Yield Strength: 38 ksi

Diameter: 1.625: OD
Wall Thickness: 0.095"
Yield Strength: 50 ksi
Tensile Strength: 65 ksi
Elongation: 30%

ring lock scaffold Benefits

Reduce the amount of time required to install scaffolding to enhance high-rise buildings with Ringlock System Scaffold The Ringlock System's extremely flexible nature allows you to speed up the process and complete it in a matter of minutes. Thanks to its prefabricated bodies. In addition, the process offers greater flexibility and can accommodate complex geometries. Most importantly, it is the most cost-effective measure for your business compared to its peers. Ease of installation, flexibility and cost-effectiveness enable companies to increase productivity and deliver a high quality product. In addition, the Ringlock Scaffold can withstand extreme environmental conditions both onshore and offshore.

1. ringlock scaffolds offer you a high degree of flexibility and versatility.

With ringlock modular scaffolds you can not only set up multiple angles at the same time with a single connection point, but they are also particularly sustainable for you. With RINGSCAFF scaffolding materials, for example, you can not only build complex scaffolds, but also roofs, supports or building site protection with spans of up to 40 metres. As a result, the investment pays off several times over.

2. ring lock scaffold Reduced working time and errors during assembly

One of the core advantages of the ring-lock scaffold type is the fast set-up and take-down times. With just a few hammer blows, ledgers and diagonals can be fixed to the ring connectors. This saves not only time but also manpower. This applies not only to the assembly and disassembly of scaffolding, but also to maintenance tasks such as cleaning materials. This is particularly easy and quick due to the flat shape of the garland connectors. Also, thanks to the prefabricated connection points, for example, ring-lock modular scaffolding is less prone to errors than conventional tube-clamp scaffolding. As a result, you can easily obtain safe scaffolding.

3. ring lock scaffold is not only quick to assemble and disassemble, but also saves space for storage

Ring-lock connections not only allow you to erect and dismantle scaffolding in record time, but you also don't have to worry about how to store and transport scaffolding materials. In this respect, you benefit from the fact that ring-lock scaffolds such as RINGSCAFF consist of just a few individual parts. Their design also makes them particularly easy to stack. The typical RINGSCAFF notches on the outer edge of the rose knot also ensure that the uprights do not roll off easily.

4. ring lock scaffold designed to withstand high loads

You don't have to worry about your RINGSCAFF scaffolding even if the conditions on the construction site get a little rough. Not only is the scaffolding material hot-dipped galvanised and therefore particularly durable and resistant to environmental influences, but it also has a particularly high load-bearing capacity. the RINGSCAFF scaffolding can withstand forces of up to 6 kN per square metre. This means very little to those who have not yet completed a degree in physics. In practice, this means that you can store large quantities of heavy materials, such as precast concrete materials, on Ringscaff scaffolds. Due to this high load-bearing capacity, Ringscaff is also used as a support solution.

5. Hybrid approval for greater flexibility

The ring-lock connection method is very popular in scaffolding. This is why there are many manufacturers of these scaffolds on the market. If you want to work particularly economically while maintaining flexibility, then make sure that the ring scaffold you are investing in has official approval to be mixed with scaffolding materials from different manufacturers. For example, you can mix RINGSCAFF material with three other systems without hesitation because it has been officially approved by DIBT. You can use up to two scaffolding systems at the same time in combination with Ringscaff material without having to carry out a structural analysis

ring lock scaffold

ring lock scaffold parts

RingLock Board Holder

Raise your team's productivity benchmark with Scaffold Supply's Ringlock plate holder range, Scaffolds Supply's Ringlock plate holder range is built for durability and has high tensile strength. It can be used for both vertical and horizontal alignment. All of these come with a hot dipped galvanised finish and are made from high strength low alloy structural steel. As a result, there are no issues with reliability, safety or quality. Choose the right one for your scaffolding from the range below.

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RingLock Diagonal Brackets / Bracket Brackets

Use Scaffolds Supply's highly durable Ringlock Diagonal Braces / Bay Braces and ensure the safety of your workforce in the field. The hot dipped galvanised finish and high strength low alloy structural steel are responsible for the added strength and durability. Most importantly, these can be easily repaired and reduce the time spent fixing other problems. Choose the right one for your scaffolding from the range below.

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RingLock beams and trusses

Expand the length of your Scaffolds horizontally with Ringlock beams and trusses from Scaffolds Supply. The simple design simplifies set-up operations and reduces the time involved.Scaffolds Supply's Ringlock beam and truss range helps people to understand where to provide support to distribute the load evenly. It helps to improve efficiency and is highly cost effective. So, in all respects, Scaffolds Supply's Ringlock beam and truss range is the right choice to support your scaffolding on site. Choose the right one for your scaffolding from the range below.

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RingLock Horizontal / Ledger

Make grid scaffolding with Scaffolds Supply's Ringlock Horizontals / Ledgers and create a relaxed working environment for your team on site. ringlock Horizo ntals / Ledgers are essentially designed to provide excellent grip on the scaffold through perfect mounting. Therefore, Ringlock Horizontals / Ledgers are one of the essential components you need. Choose the right one for your scaffolding from the range below.

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RingLock Standard / Verticals with bolt sockets

Build a base and take it higher and higher to reach the sky with Ringlock Standard/Verticals with bolt sockets from the house of Scaffolds Supply. This is a combination of the best available raw materials and modern machinery to simplify the setting of high scaffolding. It has a hot-dipped galvanised finish and is made of high-strength, low-alloy structural steel.

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Vertical Column

The vertical column is designed to provide vertical support for the scaffold. It is available in many different sizes to suit any structure. These can be purchased with or without taps. Vertical posts are also known as standards.

Horizontal ledgers are intended to provide horizontal support for platforms and loads. For safety purposes they can also be used as guardrails. These are also available in various sizes to suit all situations.

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