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Scaffolding Sets

Scaffolding Sets

Ideal for working above walls with siding or under soffits, Scaffold Sets are temporary elevated structures that support crews and materials on construction sites while maintenance or repairs are performed on buildings, bridges, and other structures. 

A safe and durable construction Scaffold Set is necessary for the safety of site workers, and choosing the right type of Scaffold Set for the job is critical. Do you need more Scaffold Set options for your warehouse products? Scroll down

Scaffold Set for sale from ZHONGHONG Scaffolding

Our scaffolding is often sold in sets. Our scaffolding kits include two crossed brackets with four clamps. It is usually cheaper to buy scaffolding in sets than to buy each scaffold individually. Buying by the kit also makes it easier to calculate how much you need for your project. Each type of scaffold we carry can be purchased by the set. By default, each set comes with 7' crossed brackets. If you want more spacing between scaffold frames, you can choose to upgrade to 10' cross braces for a small fee.

Scaffold Sets ZHONGHONG manufacture and type

Some of the better-known brands of scaffold sets are Safeway Scaffold Set, Waco Scaffold Set, and Bil-Jax Scaffold Set, and as a scaffolding manufacturer, we can customize the scaffold that best fits your needs for your construction project, integrated with the scaffold you are currently using. Choose from the most common sizes and styles of scaffolding available, we can manufacture walk-behind scaffolding for creating long working platforms that span multiple sets of frames and ladder scaffolding, often used for scaffolding towers or standing platforms and working platforms that require different simultaneous elevations.

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Where is your factory located?

Our factory is in China, manufacturing and exporting high safety scaffolds

How do you guarantee the quality?

1) Through ISO9001 quality management system certification, we thoroughly inspect the scaffolding during production - scaffolding installation and disassembly - final testing through material incoming - mass production sample confirmation - dimensional and functional checks. 2) We keep the complete scaffolding 100% manufactured by ourselves. 3) To make your product stand out, we strive to maximize customer satisfaction, including customizing styles, colors, and specifications for you, and even developing new ones. colors, and specifications, and even developing new products and upgrading existing ones for a better user experience.

What other products do you offer?

We specialize in exporting scaffolding and scaffolding accessories

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