stationary aluminum scaffolding

Aluminum Scaffolding

We know that all the projects are different, so scaffolds have to fit in each situation. Aluminum scaffolding is the best solution to big working zones, using this kind of structure we can reach high places easily and securely.

stationary aluminum scaffolding


Safe and flexible

Allows you to erect scaffolds from 25-300 cm at 25 cm intervals in any 90° direction. You can also use variable angle plates to erect round scaffolds at angles of 0-90°.

One system for everything

The goal of the design work was to meet the needs and wishes of the users of the ONE SYSTEM in order to deal with all the problems they encounter every day as scaffolding. If we are successful or not, please take a closer look at the pictures to form your own opinion.

The possibility of mounting your system on the same scaffold as the frame and standard gives you more flexibility in your planning. If you run out of standards, simply put in the PSI frame and vice versa. You can also build a narrower 75 cm scaffold, continue with a 300 cm wide deck and then use the same components with the same strength for a 150 cm deck. Can you see that NO LIMIT™ is a system for everything?

Unlimited Time Savings™

Your time saving potential with NO LIMIT™ will of course depend on the complexity of the scaffolding you are installing. If you erect upright façade scaffolding, you will benefit from fewer parts in the automatic locking system we have developed for decks and treads.

PSI profiles are key

The aluminium PSI beams are extremely robust and easy to handle. Together with PSI-Decking and the intelligent PSI-Coupler, they create an automatic locking system that offers great flexibility and saves time.

In combination with the PSI-Coupler, the PSI-Crossbeam makes NO LIMIT™ very flexible and quick to assemble. You can easily fix the different PSI-Couplers in any position on the PSI Crossbeam or PSI Lattice Beam to solve the most difficult scaffolding challenges.

Flexible layout - Unlimited™ decking

PSI decking and PSI crossbeams are available in 25 cm increments. This allows for easy installation around obstacles.

It also saves labour time compared to using timber to cover gaps.

NO LIMIT™ = Lightweight

The NO LIMIT™ scaffolding system is made from high quality recyclable aluminium. Water energy is the main source of energy used for extrusion and production of components. This makes aluminium the best environmental choice and also reduces transport costs due to its lightweight and innovative design. NO LIMIT™ weighs approximately 50% less than our older MODULAR® steel scaffolding system

stationary aluminum scaffolding

Efficient loading - more material on the truck

NO LIMIT™ components (e.g. standard and O-Ledger) reduce transport to and from construction sites. The limit for trucks is usually the maximum weight rather than the volume. For a truck with a maximum capacity of 23 tonnes, you can usually load scaffolding equipment to install 6 400 m³ of scaffolding.

With the NO LIMIT™ component, the volume rises to approximately 8 500 m³. Your advantage is an increase in volume of approximately 33%. So, a medium-sized scaffolding project can save two to three trips. This means less fuel and working time, which also saves the environment. Your team takes less time to load and unload, thus reducing the risk of back pain and other restrictions.

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