5'X5' scaffolding

5'X5' scaffolding

Replacement frame to our Premium 5' x 5' Set (matches BilJax pattern scaffolding) or for building custom sets and towers.

The premium frame takes all of the great features of the standard frame and adds another level of security. Our c-locks ensure that the cross braces will never come loose and makes brace application easier. Our premium 5' x 5' frame meets and/or exceeds all OSHA regulations. The frame has two ladder rungs and uses our premium c-locks. All of our frames feature the following:

Cope welds for increased strength and rigidity. We scallop our horizontal frame tubing so that it hugs it's vertical support, then weld the entire circumfrence for maximum weld contact and strength.

For life and longevity, we apply a highly rated AkzoNobel powdercoat for strength and rigidity.

Increased end tab length on brace lock tabs compared to competitors.

All of our Packaged Scaffold Sets come complete with 7' Long Cross Braces, but for a small charge, you can upgrade to 8' Long Cross Braces, or 10' Long Cross Braces!
All Scaffold Sets come with Coupling Pins (for stacking Frames), and Spring Clips (which hold the Coupling Pin in the Frame Leg).

5' Wide x 5' Tall x 7' Long Mason Frame Frame Set
Product Code: 557MF-Set
Weight: 105lbs.

Frame Leg: 1.69" OD (1-11/16")
Lock Span: 4' (48")
Finish: Powder coated blue

2pcs - 5'W x 5'T Mason Scaffold Frames
2pcs - 7' x 4' Tubular Cross Braces
4pcs - Coupling Pins (1-7/16")
4pcs - Spring Clips

Base Accessories:
Uses any Base Accessory with a 1-3/8" stem

5’X5′ S-Style Double Ladder Frame Set

Frame Dimensions: 5' X 5'

Weight: 104.86


Width: 5′

Height: 5′

Frame Leg: 1-11/16″

Wall Thickness: 0.095″

Top Lock: 8-1/2″

Lock Type: Drop Lock

Drilled Hole: 45 degrees

Finish: Powder Coat Blue

Weight Per Set: 105.90 lbs

Frame Style: Safeway

5'X5' scaffolding

5' X 5' BilJax-Style Scaffold Frame

27¾ Lock Space.

1-5/8" OD.

S-Lock (Uses hole type scaffold braces only)

Yellow Powder Coated finish.

Build Sturdy and Strong Scaffold Structures with the 5' X 5' S-Style Double Ladder Scaffold Frame (8.5")

Frame Lock is at 8.5"
Lock Type: Drop Lock
Weight: 38.46 lbs.
Made of High-Quality Q235 Steel
Frame Leg: 1.69" (1-11/16")
Wall Thickness: 0.095"
Drilled Hole: 45 degree
Finish: Powder Coat Blue
Shipping Dimensions: 60" x 61.75" x 1.75"

BJ Style Basic 5' X 5' Set w/ 7' Bracing

Weight 91.8000 lbs

Frame Tube OD 1.625"

Frame Tube Wall Thickness 2.3mm

Frame Dimensions 5' H X 5' W

Brace Lock Spacing 27.75"

Distance Between Frames 7'

Stack Pin Length 10"

Stack Pin OD 1.375"


Stackable – Scaffold frame sets can be stacked to different heights based on desired need. Each section provides 5 feet of height.

Ease of Use – Scaffold frames can be easily set in place the use of the included coupling pins and spring clips.

Powder Coated Finish – This is the most effective way of protecting steel. Powder Coating bonds the paint to the metal ensuring a professional finish and lasting coat.

Cross Braces – The 7 foot cross braces are galvanized for maximum durability and corrosion resistance.

Caster Ready – Add optional casters to improve usability and mobility of the scaffold frames.

Walkboard Ready – Granite offers a wide variety of 7 foot compatible walkboards to ensure the proper setup for each purchase

Meets ANSI Standards – The scaffold frames meet or exceeds the requirements of American National Standards Institute (ANSI) codes.

Meets OSHA Standards for safety and reliability

Maximum Load Capacity: Tested at a 4:1 safety rating

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