Adjustable Steel Prop

Adjustable Steel Prop


Shoring Prop is a compression member normally used as temporary vertical support in construction works. The prop system consists of temporary structures made of steel, intended to hold the shape of the concrete or support the pre-cast units. The Shoring Prop can be reused in many different kinds of works, has a high load-bearing capacity, precision in levelling, fast and secure mounting, and also great durability. The Shoring Prop is used during construction, alteration, demolition and maintenance works.



Adjustable steel prop has a high load-bearing capacity and is designed to be used for supporting the horizontal formwork members. It incorporates an adjustable thread and slot hole, making it easy to install, dismantle and to adjust the level. This allows for high-speed construction of scaffolding. The component is manufactured with a galvanized finish to protect it from rust.