How to ensure the safety of Scaffolding installation
Mar. 03, 2022

How to ensure the safety of Scaffolding installation


Do you need to install a scaffolding safely? If yes, it is worth reading this blog about “safety of Scaffolding installation”. 

Scaffolding erection is a risky activity for those who are at the work, as well as for the general public. The safety of scaffolding during installation is a major issue in today’s construction field. Because. huge numbers of workers die every year from accidents related to scaffolding. If  we do not consider safety factors during the installation of scaffolding ,  it will lead to accident . It can be by the fall of materials and workers from scaffolding . Or, may be due to the collapse of  unstable scaffolding. In order to avoid this, we have to   follow safety procedures during the installation of scaffold. 

The safe scaffolding does not result just from a wish,. But, it happens only with proper planning and monitoring of the works throughout the process .We have to plan properly from beginning to erect a safe and stable scaffolding. So, let us  go through the following headings to understand about the safety of scaffolding erection.

How to ensure the safety of Scaffolding installation

The planning  and design for safety of  scaffolding installation

Other considerations about safety of scaffolding Fixing

Safety requirements of scaffolding erection

The Planning and design for safety of scaffolding installation

Always, plan about  scaffolding installation works  well before the erection starts. Normally, the planning and design happens together.  In this way, we can avoid or eliminate  many health and safety risks. Thus, we can avoid accidents by taking necessary control measures. As said, prepare scaffolding plan initially prior to the installation. The plan  shall include the following.

Site Layout Plan

Detailed Elevation and sections of the scaffold.

You may need to consult the scaffold designer, builder or principal contractor to prepare the scaffold plan.

Also, this scaffold plan should address all the issues as listed below

Basis of plan

Ground conditions and loading

Supporting structure

Access and egress

Tying, bracing

Type of scaffold and edge protection.

A qualified person has to do scaffolding design work. The scaffold design shall include the following important facts:

The proper material to construct the scaffolding

The scaffold shall support its own weight and at least 4 times the maximum expected load. To ensure a correct calculation, the designer has to do a realistic assessment of loads. Consider the maximum intended load on the scaffold at all stage of erection and loading.

The design and planning is a very important step when think about the safety of scaffolding installation.   If you have any confusion  about whether scaffolding design and calculation required or not, we can guide you on this. 

Safety requirements during scaffolding installation

Scaffolding installation is carried out safely in accordance with the above planning and design. Please make sure you pay attention to the following points.

Firstly, we must prevent unauthorised persons from entering the entry area where the scaffolding is erected. To do this, we need to provide exclusion zones around and adjacent to the scaffolding. Place signs and barriers to keep the public away from the operation. This is one of the key points affecting the safety of scaffold erection.

Prepare the ground and erect scaffolding on compacted ground to take the scaffolding load.

Trained and experienced scaffolders should erect scaffolding under the supervision of a competent person.

Base plates and footings should be provided to distribute the load evenly from the scaffold to the supporting surfaces.

Attach scaffolding to the structure vertically and horizontally at the required spacing.

Provide adequate support for the scaffold

Provide full slab platforms and secure scaffold plates.

All edges of the scaffold should be provided with edge protection as standard.

Provide toe boards on all four sides of the platform.

Safe access shall be provided during the erection, use and dismantling phases of the scaffold.  

Other Considerations about safety of  Scaffolding Fixing:-

The following are some of the important factors to consider at this stage  about the safety of scaffolding installation.

Exposure to Electrical Services

Check whether there is any electrical lines in close proximity to the scaffolding erection area. If there is, Contact the concerned electricity authority  for details and for appropriate system of work. Need to get “No objection certificate” from this authority

Mobile Plant and Traffic

If there is hazard from mobile plant and moving traffic, we need to take appropriate control measures . For example, like rerouting of traffic roads, placing barricades, signs, posts..etc to prevent the vehicles/plants approaching towards the  scaffolding. This is also one of the important point while considering the safety of scaffolding installation.

Mixing and matching scaffold components

Incompatible scaffold components ,from different manufactures, can lead to difficulties in dismantling. And so, only compatible  component from the same manufacture need to use.

Method statement and Risk Assessment

We need to assess the risk involved in the scaffolding installation and to take control measures. For this purpose, prepare method statement and risk assessment and take precautions to ensure good safety of scaffolding fixing.

Hope this blog is an eye opener about the subject “safety of scaffolding installation” or “safety of scaffolding fixing”. As a scaffolding manufacturer, we provide safe and reliable scaffolding and associated installation instructions, please feel free to enquire if required.

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