How to choose scaffolding Suppliers
May. 16, 2022

How to choose scaffolding Suppliers

Rampant urbanization worldwide has led to an increase in the demand for scaffolding equipment and supplies. Scaffolding structures play a vital role in construction projects, which makes the role of scaffolding suppliers extremely important.

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Scaffolding may be a temporary structure, but many of the scaffolding suppliers in this market have been around for a long time. Whether they provide wooden, steel, or aluminum scaffolding, these scaffolding suppliers are in an evolving industry. Scaffolding can be internal or external and can be supported, suspended, or rolled.

There are countless suppliers to choose from, but you need to identify the one that offers high-quality products and impeccable service at the best price. Scaffolding suppliers should provide quality, safe scaffolding materials to ensure worker safety and the success of your project. Scaffolding supplies should be thoroughly inspected to ensure safety, quality and reliability. Scaffolding systems are used to reach high-rise structures and they can be very dangerous, which is why they must be strong enough for workers and materials to use. In the case of scaffolding materials, quality is very important. Scaffolding is considered to be one of the biggest investments in any construction project and should only be purchased from reliable scaffolding suppliers. 

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Reliable products will make the job easier and faster. There are several one-stop scaffolding suppliers that offer products and equipment essential for scaffolding structures. Last but not least, the increasing competition and huge demand provide customers with the opportunity to enjoy high-quality products from scaffolding suppliers at the most competitive prices.

Choose us and we will provide you with high-quality, high safety scaffolding that is OSHA compliant and at competitive prices!

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FAQ of Scaffolding Suppliers

What do I need to know about buying scaffolding?

Simply decide how high you need to stand. You may need to measure this because you want to be accurate, and guessing is not the best way to calculate this. This is often referred to as the "platform height". We quote all of the packages listed for platform height. This is the actual height or very close to the height that your feet will be located. The "working height" is usually calculated by adding 6 feet to the height of the platform. Once you have your height, you will then need to decide what length you want. The more the merrier. All of our packages are a standard 7 feet long. The width is standardized to 5 feet, but we do offer narrow packages for specialty or "tight" areas. So our basic platform will be 5 feet wide and 7 feet long. This is the area you have to walk around and work in. If you want a longer working area, then the increment is 7 feet. So the next length dimension is 14 feet. And so on ......21 feet ......28 feet ......35 feet. The same is true for height. Think of scaffolding as blocks (or Legos for your kids) in which you can stack one set or "block" on top of the next. For our 5-foot-tall, 5-foot-wide 5×5 sets, each set adds 5 feet of height.

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Is your scaffolding heavy?

Yes; we do not carry "light" scaffolding. Our scaffolding ensures that one or two people can stand up with maximum safety and confidence.

What is the quality of your products?

We hear it every day. Sometimes skeptical customers will call and ask a lot of questions before finally placing an order. Usually a few minutes on the phone with one of us will reassure the customer about the purchase. When the product arrives, we get emails and phone calls saying "how good it is" and some people are "shocked" that we can make such a good product at the price point we offer. They always say, "I didn't think the product would be this good." We are constantly working to improve every little flaw. The fit of the pins, the quality of the powder coating, the packaging that helps prevent scratches, the sun fade resistance, the consistency of our galvanized micron thickness

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Why are you so much less than everyone else?

When you deal with us, you're dealing directly. We are a company that designs, engineers, assembles, sells, handles, palletizes, and then ships your order. We source raw materials and parts from the best suppliers around the world. Our business model is similar to that of Michael Dell of Dell Computers. He sells directly to the end user via the Internet. We do not have or use "resellers". Look at the impact of his way of doing business on IBM. They got out of the personal computer business because they simply couldn't compete. Dealing with us means you cut out all the middlemen. It's absolutely the most efficient way to buy scaffolding. We sell you products at a lower price than other companies charge their resellers. Think about it. Most rental companies or scaffolding dealers order this product and pay $120 to $145 per set plus shipping from the scaffolding company they buy from. As a scaffolding manufacturer and supplier, we eliminate all the intermediate costs, allowing you to have high quality and safe scaffolding at the best price!

How fast can my order arrive?

Depending on your location and website traffic, your salesperson can provide you with an estimated time of arrival at the time of placing your order.

Can I track my order?

Yes, you will receive tracking information when you place your order. 

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