How much does a scaffold frame weight
Apr. 21, 2022

How much does a scaffold frame weight

As a scaffolding manufacturer, we would like to introduce you to Weight Capacity of Heavy-Duty Scaffolding Frames


Let's start by understanding what Scaffolding Frames are

Frame scaffolding has a high load-bearing capacity due to its steel strength. As any work requires various scaffolding sections, crossbars and locking pins, frame scaffolding is usually brought to the construction site with the help of a truck.

So how do you calculate the weight of Scaffolding Frames?

The maximum weight that can be applied to a scaffold is determined by the data provided by the manufacturer and is expressed as the allowable load per square foot (e.g. 25 psf, 50 psf or 75 psf, multiplied by the square footage of the scaffold's working surface).

Which scaffold has more weight?

As our scaffolding can carry a lot of weight, it is considered heavy duty as it can support more than 75 lbs/sq. ft. per span. Even in the heaviest masonry applications, most of our customers will never even come close to the 10,000 lbs. per compartment that our scaffolding will support.


Scaffold Frame | 5'X6'7" |47.62 lbs

How is scaffolding measured?

Divide the total height measurement by the height of the individual scaffold sections. This will determine the total number of rows of scaffolding required for the project. Multiply the number of rows by the number of columns to get the total number of scaffolding sections required for the project.



How much weight can the scaffolding tubes carry?

Tensile strength tubes

The working tensile load that a steel scaffold tube will carry is approximately 79 kN (approximately 8 tonnes). This is based on an area of 48.3 o/d tube of 4.47mm wall thickness and does not take into account tolerances made from HE30TF alloy with a yield stress of 255 N/mm2.

Why we manufacture scaffolds with high load-bearing capacity

We ensure that our scaffold frames are manufactured to the highest standards and specifications using higher quality (and more expensive) Q-235 steel to ensure maximum load limits. We have thicker steel than many of our competitors. We are wary of the entry-level pricing of some contractors. They entice you to buy a light frame at a low price and then upsell you with a frame that really meets your needs and remains stable on the job site. We also use virgin steel. Many of our competitors use recycled steel, which contains rust and weakens the scaffolding.

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