ZhongHong Fire drill
Aug. 03, 2022

ZhongHong Fire drill

ZhongHong Fire drill

In order to further improve the safety awareness of all employees of Zhonghong, be familiar with and master the procedures and methods of alarm, receiving, checking and dispatching, be able to use portable fire extinguishers to fight initial fires, and evacuate people and valuable materials. 

According to the plan, an early warning fire drill for all staff was organized at 15:00 on July 30, 2022. There are three scenarios for the drill, namely fire evacuation, personnel rescue and emergency fire fighting. With the high attention of the company's leaders and the active participation of all departments, the exercise achieved the expected purpose.

ZhongHong Fire drill


Main features and practices

a. The drill is well prepared. In order to do a good job in the drill, the administration department formulated a more detailed action plan, and repeatedly revised the plan. Finally, it was reviewed by the manager of the administration department and approved by the general manager. All departments organized fire-fighting skills and knowledge training according to the specific division of labor in the drill plan, prepared the equipment, tools and materials required in the drill, and formulated relevant action command procedures, which laid a good foundation for the smooth implementation of the drill.

b. The leadership of the company attached great importance to the drill. In order to organize the drill well, a special meeting was held, which emphasized the importance of the drill and required all departments to cooperate closely and implement it in strict accordance with the plan, so as to complete the drill successfully.

c. The drill procedure is regular, orderly and effective. The drill began at 15:00 and ended at 16:40. The whole drill is organized in a clear and orderly manner from alarm, alarm reception, police inspection, dispatch, fire fighting, emergency evacuation, evacuation and assembly of all employees of the company, aftermath work to comments. Volunteer firefighters' skills and actions are standardized and rapid; Clear fire fighting command procedures; The request report, order and language expression of each link are short and accurate. After receiving the alarm, all departments were able to assign tasks in time, and all departments worked closely together to take corresponding actions. The majority of employees also gave full play to the team spirit of unity and mutual assistance.

ZhongHong Fire drillZhongHong Fire drill


Thanks to the planners of this exercise. Although it seems to be a simple exercise, it contains their careful preparation for many days. I would also like to thank all the participants, who have a clear division of labor, responsibility, and dedication.

Through this fire drill, the prevention awareness and self-help ability of the majority of employees have been further enhanced, and the basic operations such as how to identify hazards and how to take necessary emergency measures have been understood and mastered, so as to achieve rapid, orderly, timely and effective results in accidents. We will regularly carry out training or drills to improve our employees' emergency rescue skills and comprehensive quality of emergency response, effectively reduce accident hazards, reduce accident losses, and ensure the safe, healthy, and orderly development of the company.

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